The Ride

… I dash for the exit. I can feel the heavy shock and silence behind me. In seconds I am reversing almost hysterically. I realise then that someone has to open the gates for me to drive out. My host bursts out of the front door laughing and shouting; “herh, you be ‘fearo’ (you are a coward), where are you running to?” I m not going to fall for this old trick. Ordinarily I would probably quench the engine, park and pretend not to be afraid, but not this time.
I may one day tell a story of how years ago, based on a similar dare, I ended up being lashed in front of my class for an obvious stupidity – not again

My name is Pasino Man

It is clearly not the time for jokes as the clock keeps ticking away. I am begging and requesting the gate to be opened. I didn’t even say goodbye properly because every second felt like a minute gone. I am speeding through potholes like I am driving on an asphalted highway.

Earlier that morning before I stepped out, my dad had complained about my outings and the risk it brought to everyone else in the house. I promised to return soon but here I was racing back home at 11:38PM. “I have to get the “fisherman’s friend’ for the Oldman by all means to appease him”, I thought. I finally got one at a pharmacy and request to pay with MOMO because I hardly carry cash around. The attendant doesn’t look amused but honestly, I couldn’t be bothered because between going home empty handed and dealing with an unpleasant attendant, my obvious choice is a no brainer.
As the gods will have it however, the mobile network decides to ‘dance’ with me for while. I think I spent 30 minutes transacting in the pharmacy but my watch would later show I only spent 4 minutes and few seconds.

I hit the main N4 dual carriage way and I am the only moving vehicle on this usually busy highway. There is a radio documentary about the ‘origins and spread of highly infectious global diseases and pandemics’ on 101.3fm, BBC World service. The guest sounds very knowledgeable and some of the facts he’s speaking are quite scary. All of a sudden I begin to take stock of my packed day; What was and what could have been – Had I exposed myself in anyway to the virus? Am I coughing or is my throat itching, I quipped.
I suddenly remembered I don’t have my other phone which I often use for work and other official tasks. I last used it at Tony’s house so I knew it would be there. Not retrieving the phone now would mean that for two weeks, I will not respond to many business engagements.
I am in deep contemplation whether to return for the phone and risk being caught by the Military guys on my way back, or to ignore work for the next two weeks, (mind you this is ‘pay-day’ week).

I smiled and immediately… (– to be continued)