My First Curfew

Its 10:00pm, and lights are out in this area. My primary number most people know is off, and I am locked up somewhere that I may have to spend the next two weeks, if I don’t leave within the next three hours. I’m having fun here but a ‘little voice’ in my head keeps reminding me that I would have no tangible explanations for why I was here in the first place, and how come I didn’t leave earlier.
Earlier in the day, I ran several errands before linking up with my “Botweburg” brothers. As always, we had good hearty chats about nothing, drank the choicest beverages, ate and reminded ourselves in subtle ways why we need to stay alive and be successful. Quame MP put it better when he said “wiase y3 d3”.

My name is Pasino Man

For the first time in my life, I have to hole myself up in the house, not of my free will but in compliance with the Friday night directive of the President of Ghana for a two-week lockdown- asking all to stay home. Technically I should not be affected since I am an essential service provider, but I can work from home so I intend to try and stay home for the next two weeks; something I have never attempted or done in my adult life.

I am always on the move and the last place to find me on a regular day is the house.
I moved back into my parents’ over the weekend because everyone had concerns about my health. I admit to having a poor eating habit and though all who have tasted my meals will attest to my extraordinary cooking skills, I will easily opt for a can of soda and biscuit than spend hours in the kitchen cooking a single meal.
Being alone in a house for two straight weeks and counting was therefore going to unsettle anyone who cared about me so I agreed to temporarily relocate from my apartment to my parents’. To occupy my time, I have made resolutions to learn a totally new skill; Computer coding, and to write more. Yes, I have not written articles for my blog (www.pasinoman.wordpress.com) for a while because I have been busy but now I have no excuse. My lockdown chronicles will be a Five hundred-word article.

It’s getting warm and interesting in here. I am enjoying the conversations and all that’s coming with it (insert wink emoji). Upon recommendations, I know I have to get a dietary supplement (blood tonic) to aid me eat more in this period. I steal a glimpse at my wrist and realize its thirty (30) minutes after Eleven (11:30).
I immediately start hearing police/military sirens from a distance and my heart begins to skip beats. I have flashbacks of a social media video of military guys threatening mayhem on anyone who flouts the “stay home” directive.
I grab my car keys and without warning… (– to be continued)